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Strategic tech talent insight to enable performance and progress

Delivering uniquely specialist insight into the highly competitive and lightning fast Web3 and Gaming sector.

The future-focused technical talent strategy to transform international organisations

Our web3 and gaming talent solutions teams occupy a centrally embedded position in the technical community. We have the reach and strategic insight to deploy talent planning that will transform an organisation.

Expert Talent Guidance
across Web3 & Gaming

Specialist technology insight and understanding

The world of Web3 and Gaming is fast-paced and community-led. We understand the unique nuances of the blockchain community, from the quant-tech developer to the future-focused leadership strategy; and we’re able to provide the guidance to navigate the white waters of blockchain and gaming advancement.

Acquiring, engaging and retaining top talent

Top talent in the Web3 and Gaming sectors are among the most sought after in the talent market. We’re able to fine tune attraction strategies and advise on retention and development, to ensure acquisition and reduced attrition.

Addressing work-life balance challenges

The teams in technology bring their own requirements in terms of home-working and work-life expectations. We’re able to provide the guidance and key differentiating factors to ensure teams remain satisfied and engaged over the long term.