Full Stack Engineer (Blockchain)

Posted 2 weeks ago

Here at AEJ Web3 we want you to be a part of the digital revolution. Work on cutting-edge blockchain projects, embrace decentralized technologies, and shape the future of the internet. Unlock the true potential of the decentralized world with us!

Our client is one of the leading infrastructure platform providing scalable and easy-to-use APIs and cloud solutions for web3 developers. Most of their employees operate fully remotely and we are looking for staff across a number of disciplines with this top tier client.


  • Having ownership over the code and being able to make crucial decisions
  • Reviewing and testing your teammates pull requests
  • Keeping the code simple (no React/Vue/etc unless absolutely necessary)
  • Managing servers and DevOps related tasks
  • Working with Elixir, Phoenix, Heroku, Postgres, Turbolinks, Stimulus.js, and more
  • Monitoring and supporting 24/7 applications and services
  • Willingness and ability to travel (Hackathons, conferences, etc)


  • Organised, independent and self-sufficient
  • Good understanding of application architecture
  • Web architecture knowledge
  • SQL
  • React knowledge preferred
  • You are an expert in Javascript and node.js and keep up to date with the latest developments in back-end technologies, and web standards
  • Developing and consuming APIs
  • You’re comfortable writing ES6+
  • You know the difference between class and prototypal inheritance
  • You’ve built NodeJS applications and are comfortable working within the ecosystem
  • You’ve interacted with APIs and database systems (SQL, NoSQL)
  • You have general familiarity with React
  • You have experience working with blockchain technology (e.g. wallets, escrow, multi-sigs) and protocols for p2p networking, storage, and communications (IPFS, libp2p)
  • Experience actively contributing to open-source projects and knowledge sharing
  • Working with UNIX / Linux based operating systems

Potential skills:

  • Experience and/or interest in cryptography
  • Fluency in other languages (Python, Go, Java, C++)
  • Familiarity with blockchain technology and passionate about the prospect of decentralised technologies
  • You frequent meet ups and are comfortable speaking to a community of developers
  • You have experience working within true agile environment
  • Experience working in a start-up culture
  • A willingness to help out where needed – regardless of the scope of your role
  • An understanding of the blockchain ecosystem, with an interest and curiosity to learn more

Remuneration and benefits:

  • Above average Salary & Equity Plan

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Software Developers, Web3



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