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AEJ Consulting is a recruitment consultancy with an international reach, passionately dedicated in sourcing and delivering the best talent within Technology & Transformation, Sales, Consulting and Finance. We specialise in key areas; Executive Search, Permanent recruitment, Interim recruitment and Professional Services (SoW).

We base our strategy on one key foundation, that no working environment is the same. Every candidate sourced, we take through a bespoke assessment to indicate their skills, passions, core values and drives, to discover the best environments to thrive in.

AEJ Consulting has an evolving approach to proactive talent sourcing, market insight and research, allowing us to consistently grow our network across UK, Europe and Internationally.

“Our passion for people, enthusiasm for communication and consistency in delivery are what set us apart.”

Our established working recruitment practices enable us to provide an unrivalled level of service, to both our clients and candidates. We take pride in offering industry insight and research, ensuring we source the best talent which can thrive in the specific working environment required.

If you would like to find out more about working with AEJ Consulting email us on [email protected] or complete the form below.

We’re passionate about people. We bring passion and enthusiasm in all that we do.
We base our strategy on one key foundation, that no working environment is the same. Therefore, it’s impossible to think that you can source people for your business, regardless of specific technical or financial skills, in the same way. You have to know how they tick, their passions and ultimately what drives them.

Every candidate we source undergoes a bespoke psychometric assessment to indicate their passions and drives, so we can discover the environments they will thrive in. This allows us to know exactly who to place at which client and for which role, in order to match up their strengths and what drives them. Finding people with common beliefs, values and attitudes is the key to sourcing the best talent for each role and driving each business forward.

Our ability to thrive under short timescales and pressured environments, enable us to be specialists in delivering the best talent in both the IT and Financial markets.

We are quite simply, problem solvers. Our passion, enthusiasm and drive are what set us apart. It’s the little things, it’s the daily monotony and consistency. Ultimately it’s about loving the process which in turn delivers the best results.

We are heavily process driven and take pride in the business transformation processes we have built in order to provide an unrivalled level of service to both our clients and candidates. We take pride in sourcing talent which can thrive in the specific working environments to each individual client and candidate. Because it’s not about us. It’s about you.

Client Connect

If you would like to contact AEJ Consulting with a query, or to find out how we can help you source the right candidate, please complete our form below.

Candidate Connect

If you would like to contact AEJ Consulting with a query, or to find out how we can help you with your next career move, please complete our form below.

What they’re saying

  • AEJ have been very important to us at Onyx as we’ve gone on a sharp growth trajectory into areas outside our original business model. All the hiring and support that is required to facilitate a growth transition is no easy task and we simply couldn’t have achieved what we have without the AEJ team. We have an ever-changing and ongoing transformation project, which the business is undertaking across a 3-5 year period, needing staff within Tech, Sales, Trading, Broking and Consulting. We feel very strongly about the right attitude, in particular resilience, as the leading trait to hire for Onyx employees and AEJ took a very deep dive into our business culture to understand what this meant and continue to produce results in a period of time I’ve never seen before, despite working with recruiters for over 8 years. AEJ is a standout recruitment company in both professionalism and emotional intelligence. Recommend highly.

    Chief Executive Officer
    Chief Executive Officer
  • With reference to AEJ, I found Jordan helpful in understanding the specifics of the brief that I provided. It was important to find candidates that had a specific skill sets in order to be able to hit the ground running. In this regard the brief was met and a good candidate was found for the role. I appreciated the fact that CVs were reviewed against the JD prior to sending through, meaning quality over quantity.

    Sales Director
    Sales Director
  • Working in financial services for over 10 years and having worked with over 20 recruiters; I now use 1 – AEJ Consulting. Their ability to understand our culture and marry that with appropriate candidates was scarily good and their ability to scale teams of 20+ headcount was exceptional. Having a dedicated client manager on hand at all times made, what can be an arduous administrative headache, a really smooth process.

    Vice President
    Vice President
  • I wanted to confirm that the recently hired Technical Project Manager has turned out to be a great employee and so, therefore, credit must be given to the service and support you gave me through the recruitment process. You provide great support and ensured we filled the role with the correctly qualified candidate. If I have need for further Project Management roles to be filled I will come directly to you.

    Programme Manager
    Programme Manager
  • During my career I have been working with many recruitment companies, but AEJ is distinctively different! The team are experts in providing a “white glove” tailored service and have a can-do approach, which is so refreshing and hard to come across in the recruitment industry. Partnering with AEJ has so far been extremely successful, they provided us with candidates for a new part of the business, where getting candidates through the door was extremely time-sensitive. We hired 85% of the candidates that they submitted to us for a specialist, large scale Sales Division. We are also continuously partnering with them on our Junior Trader recruitment, which has historically been one of the most challenging roles to fill and we didn’t believe working with an external agency could ever be successful (due to the highly specific recruitment strategy that we pursue with those type of candidates). However, AEJ has proven to be the only agency that we entrust to work exclusively together with us on that also. They have also been extremely responsive any time/day of the week, providing a '24 Hour Service'. If there was an urgent last-minute change that needed to be incorporated, they have the ability to understand our business needs and implement the change, which is something that makes them highly competitive within their market. You always feel that they have the best interest of our firm as their main focus. Therefore, I would personally highly recommend anyone that is looking for a truly bespoke service, with a high success rate, to reach out the AEJ Team

    Head of HR
    Head of HR
  • Since working with AEJ Consulting I have found them to have the capability to deliver quality candidates in a timely manner. With in-depth knowledge and a detailed  understanding of Capita’s business, AEJ Consulting are an integral strategic PSL partner and our relationship continues to develop

    Resourcing Business Partner
    Resourcing Business Partner

Meet Our Team

  • Jordan Oldershaw Managing Director

    I take pride in leading a professional and highly motivated recruitment business. Responsible for defining the vision for AEJ Consulting, along with leading the short, medium and long-term strategy for market and financial growth. Executing the overall strategic vision of the business and leading our agile and efficient workforce.

    Ensuring our overall performance is delivered for both our clients and candidates, delivering year-on-year growth and establishing strong market share within our specialisms. An expert in operational management and commercial negotiation.

  • Elliott Sharp
    Elliott Sharp Senior Vice President

    As Senior Vice President of Revenue Operations, my mission revolves around charting a strategic course that empowers AEJ Consulting to provide prime prospects and top-notch talent to our clients and candidates in our operational areas. I’m dedicated to fine-tuning our methods, bolstering our infrastructure, and fostering our capacities to achieve excellence.

    I execute the overarching business strategy, overseeing our adaptable and effective workforce. My commitment lies in ensuring operational excellence.

  • Fred Davis
    Fred Davis Managing Director, US

    I am passionate about the art of recruitment and take pride in being the solution for so many brand name institutions over the years. Responsible for the development of the AEJ Consulting vision in the Americas, overall new business strategy and presence, I am excited to build AEJ into a global powerhouse. With a keen focus in Quant Finance, Risk Management, Legal & Compliance and Technology, my mandate is to be the premier search firm for critical hires that impact investment banks, hedge funds and asset managers.

  • Mark Sturman
    Mark Sturman Vice President - Web3 & Gaming

    Passionate and results-driven recruitment professional specialising in the intersection of Web3 and Gaming industries. With a deep understanding of both sectors, I excel at identifying top talent and connecting them with innovative companies shaping the future of technology and entertainment. Equipped with a vast network and a keen eye for spotting emerging trends, I am dedicated to helping organisations build exceptional teams that drive success in this rapidly evolving landscape.

  • Jordan Blake
    Jordan Blake Head of Research

    As Head of Research at AEJ Consulting, I am responsible for the growth, development and performance of our Research team. This includes supporting, coaching and mentoring each member of the research function on a day-to-day basis. In addition to this my focus is to support all of our clients and candidates to assure quality, integrity and a high level of service. Supporting our Senior Leadership team to ensure the vision of AEJ is implemented across the business. The aim is to build and utilise our global network talent; we match our clients verticals with the very best candidates on the market across our core regions, UK, UAE, Asia & US.

  • Elle-Jo Lane
    Elle-Jo Lane Talent & Brand Manager

    As Talent & Brand Manager I am responsible for the growth of the business across our core regions in the UK and our market expansion into the US and UAE & Asia. Day to day responsibilities include accountability for the end to end recruitment processes within AEJ, whilst playing an integral part in the new business strategy of AEJ. I am looking to work with growing organisations, supporting with their scaling and growth journeys.

    This is just the beginning… 

  • Alex Vineer
    Alex Vineer Senior Talent Consultant

    As a Senior Talent Consultant, I am responsible for providing exceptional recruitment solutions that drive organizational success and foster long-term partnerships between candidates and clients. With a number of years and expertise in this dynamic industry, I am dedicated to connecting top-tier talent with the right opportunities, ensuring both individual career growth and the fulfilment of business objectives.

  • Tom Hu
    Tom Hu Principal Research Consultant

    As a Principal Research Consultant, I play a key part in the development of the AEJ vision within APAC – coordinated with our US and European team, we are building AEJ into a global powerhouse. With a keen focus in Quant Finance, Risk Management, Legal & Compliance and Technology, we serve the global large financial institution clients, covering investment banks, hedge funds and asset managers.

  • Zoey Stuart
    Zoey Stuart Senior Talent Consultant

    As a member of the global financial services team, I work closely with our clients to understand their hiring needs, organisational culture and strategic objectives. I am particularly interested in the alternative investment space, and I partner with venture, private equity and hedge funds to deliver key strategic hires across APAC, the U.S. and EMEA. 

  • Ashleigh McLean
    Ashleigh McLean Senior Talent Consultant

    As a Senior Talent Consultant at AEJ Consulting, I match the top technology candidates with clients in the UK. I have developed a keen interest and in-depth knowledge within the infrastructure and software engineering industries.

    My personal ambition is to provide the best possible experience for individuals in the industry and ensure consistent guidance to both candidates and clients throughout the hiring process.

  • Joshua Hunter
    Joshua Hunter Talent Consultant

    As a Talent Consultant, I enjoy connecting candidates to opportunities which they are passionate about and providing the best career opportunities for their desired direction. Assisting clients to make key hires to help drive organisational growth and maintain long term, thriving relationships. With a number of years in this industry, I enjoy the variety of people I get the chance to work with. 

  • Alex Meredith
    Alex Meredith Research Consultant

    As Research Consultant, I take absolute pride in establishing and building up relationships with candidates, from inception to placement and beyond. Finding out what motivates them and what they look for in their next role, enables me to match them to a perfect position aligned with their motivations, that can only be done by building up those relationships from the start. It is something that AEJ and I value to our core, through our phenomenal services that we constantly provide, which has enabled us to become the go to recruitment company for those looking for work and clients looking to solve their hiring needs.

  • Neshe Servi
    Neshe Servi Research Consultant

    I work within the Contracts Division at AEJ. I specialise in everything within Technology, Cyber Security, and the European market. I help candidates through the full recruitment life cycle from the initial call to offer stage. I love speaking to candidates, finding out about new technologies and building long term relationships. I am fluent in English, Italian and Turkish.

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